Our Courses

We have been delivering accredited courses via short videos and animations since 2005. We have combined the skills and abilities of industry specialists in technology, teaching and sector specialists for each of the courses we have created. Below is a brief description of the courses we currently offer with many more in production...


We have over nine years experience of delivering courses on line and during that time we have used many different Virtual learning Environments (VLE's). All of the VLE's we have worked with have been functional, but not really simple for the learner and assessor to use. With all of the experience we have accumulated over the years, we decided to just create our own VLE... BooDap. A simple to use, HTML5 ready VLE built with the end users in mind.

Level 2 Computer Games

Learn how to design and make a game of your own with this querky and funny course. This course is an award or certificate.

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Level 1 Learning to Learn

A fun course with a mad professor who has a little accident in his lab...thanks to his assistant who now needs to learn brain surgery!

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Level 1 Employability

Join Monkey & Frog on this fun employability course. This qualification is an award or certificate.

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Level 1 Enterprise

This fun and entertaining course follows Dr.Soul and his son Sebastian on an enterprising journey set in the groovey 70's.

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Level 2 Enterprise

In this level 2 enterprise course we re-visit Dr.Soul and his son Sebastian but this time..in the fantastic 80's!

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Level 1 Substance Misuse

This awareness course looks at reasons why people may use substances alongs with the affects it can have and the help available.

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Level 1 Alcohol Awareness

This awareness course shows what alcohol is and what affects it can have on your body, mind and life.

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Level 1 Health & Safety

This awareness course takes the learner through the basics of Health and Safety.

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Level 1 Sexual Health

This course not only looks at the basics of sexual health but also the larger picture of sexual health such as relationships.

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Level 1 Mental Health

This course looks at some of the common features of mental health as well as dealing with some common misconceptions and stereo types that go along with this subject.

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Level 1 Personal Safety

This awareness course takes a closer look at personal safety and the kind of things you can do to improve your personal safety.

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Level 1 Stress Awareness

Stress is a factor that everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives and in this course we help you to recognise the signs of stress and offer ideas to help you to control it.

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